Alimony in Mississippi

Mississippi law recognizes four different types of alimony: First is  “Periodic Alimony” which is the traditional monthly alimony awarded for the support of the payee. Periodic Alimony generally has no fixed termination date except it automatically terminates at the death of the payer or the remarriage of the payee.  Second is “Lump Sum Alimony” which is a fixed amount, but it may be payable in a single payment or in installments. Third is “Rehabilitative Alimony” which is a monthly payment designed to help support the recipient while he or she re-enters the workforce. Rehabilitative Alimony is modifiable, but has a fixed termination date. Fourth is “Reimbursement Alimony” which is sometimes awarded when one spouse has put the other through professional school and then finds that the other spouse wants a divorce or has not been faithful.