Do I need a paternity lawyer?

Paternity establishment or “filiation” is the official, legal recognition of a child’s biological father.

Paternity most often is proven with genetic testing which can be accomplished using painless cheek swabs. It can be important to establish paternity for several reasons, including child support, child custody, and inheritance.

In Mississippi, paternity is assumed if the child is born during the marriage of a husband and wife. If a child is born outside of wedlock, paternity must be proven in court or through the written acknowledgement of the parents.

Your Paternity Establishment Lawyer in Ridgeland Mississippi

The lawyers of Wilford, McAlister, Jacobus & White, LLP have handled many paternity cases throughout Mississippi and can advise you on each legal component required for establishing paternity. While establishing paternity can be stressful on the parent, it is worth pursuing so you and your child have the most protection in the future.

Child on father's shoulder in park - Paternity